Tokyo-based teamLab (est. 2001) is a 500-strong interdisciplinary art collective consisting of artists, programmers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, graphic designers and writers, whose aim is to “reconfigure reality” through collective initiatives.

Known for their immersive digital installations that situate viewers into the artwork, teamLab seeks to investigate human behaviour in the information era. Their algorithm-based art interacts with and is often co-created by viewers, while challenging conventional notions of art and authorship. Anchored in premodern Japanese art, teamLab’s digital works merge western and eastern spatial depiction creating a new, shared space in which viewers can collectively engage in the universal themes of creativity, play, exploration, immersion, life, and fluidity.

“We are proud to be able to open Amos Rex with a teamLab exhibition”, says Museum Director Kai Kartio. “Part of the exhibition is aimed specifically at children and the young at heart”, he adds.

“Our guiding principle has been to create a space, that takes into consideration changes in art as well as ever-evolving ways in which art is made and presented. Content-wise Amos Rex rests on three pillars: experimental, technically innovative contemporary art; 20th century Modernism´, and ancient cultures. teamLab brilliantly represents the first of these pillars”, Kartio adds.

Amos Rex is a complex comprising: the art museum situated below ground, the Bio Rex movie theatre and foyer, and the Lasipalatsi square. The museum is a new structure annexed to the Lasipalatsi building (1936), a beloved Helsinki landmark. Construction work commenced in January 2016.The total budget for the venture is set at 50 million euros.

“Amos Rex, designed by JKMM architects, has been an exceptional building project. Despite the demanding nature of the work, the project has remained on schedule and within budget”, Kartio states. “We were obviously delighted to learn that BBC had listed Amos Rex among the world’s most exciting and innovative building projects of 2018.”

Lasipalatsi square with its undulating landscape and outdoor terraces open to the public at the turn of the month, May–June. Regular movie screenings at Bio Rex kick off in early August, while the actual inauguration of the art museum is scheduled for the last week of August.

The teamLab exhibition is exceptionally challenging from a technical standpoint. The exhibition has been made possible thanks to the support of our partner Epson Manufacturers. Amos Rex’ other sponsors will be announced later in 2018.

Amos Rex is a privately owned art museum that continues the work of its predecessor Amos Anderson Art Museum (1965–2017). Its construction and operations are entirely financed and managed by the Finnish association Föreningen Konstsamfundet r.f.