Why does Amos Anderson Art Museum need new premises?

We want Amos Anderson Art Museum to be a significant and current art museum. This requires continuous development and the capacity for renewal. Our present site is limiting in this respect.

Why Lasipalatsi?

Lasipalatsi is a fabulous building of cultural and historical import located in the centre of Helsinki. The building will allow the Amos Anderson Art Museum to bring art to people and to realize a new concept with an open and dynamic art museum. Building the new Amos Anderson Art Museum in conjunction with Lasipalatsi will also guarantee frequent use of this valuable building in the future.

Who is behind the project?

The association Föreningen Konstsamfundet, whose chief aims include protecting the legacy of its founder Amos Anderson (1878–1961) by maintaining the Amos Anderson Art Museum and by “supporting visual art as well as raising, promoting and deepening an interest in art in Finland.”

What role does the City of Helsinki play?

We would not be able to carry out the project without the City of Helsinki. The City was positively disposed towards the project from the beginning and mulled over various alternatives together with Konstsamfundet. On 21 May Helsinki City Council gave its approval for setting up a real estate company, which is needed for the project to be carried out, and for transferring the ownership of Lasipalatsi to the new real estate company. The new real estate company is co-owned by Konstsamfundet and the City of Helsinki. We are obliged to the City that has thus enabled the construction of an art museum that will be beneficial to all residents of Helsinki.

What will the new art museum bring to Helsinki and its residents?

The new art museum is situated in the city centre and is open to all. The museum offers a new type of meeting place while increasing the attraction of Helsinki as a city of culture and a travel destination. The art museum is a private investment that benefits all the residents of Helsinki.

What does the new museum project comprise?

The project is two-part. It comprises construction beneath the Lasipalatsi square where the new subterranean exhibition spaces will be built, as well as the North wing of Lasipalatsi where the entrance and foyer will be built on the present Bio Rex premises. Lasipalatsi and its present activities will be retained and the building will undergo light refurbishment.

Why build the museum underground?

Subterranean exhibition spaces are perfectly suited for an art museum. Underground conditions are stable, and art museum exhibitions do not require natural light.

What will happen to Lasipalatsi?

Most of the present Lasipalatsi site will be retained. The movie theatre Bio Rex with its entrance hall will form part of the art museum that the public will have free access to. The majority of businesses currently operating in Lasipalatsi will also be preserved as they are in keeping with the plans the art museum has for the building.

What will happen to the Amos Anderson Art Museum?

The Amos Anderson home museum on Yrjönkatu will be preserved and will continue to be open to the public. Other spaces that are currently in use at the Amos Anderson Art Museum will be rented out.

How does the project promote the Finnish art scene?

Amos Anderson Lasipalatsi will be a new, modern art museum as well as a versatile exhibition centre. Moreover, the museum will broaden its collaboration with Finnish artists and bring new content and experiences to the fore.

What phase is the project currently in?

Renovation of the old Lasipalatsi building will be finished by the end of February 2017 and restaurants & shops return, altough work continues in areas that are to be part of the new museum (the museum lobby, movie theatre Bio Rex, office spaces). Work underground on the new museum building continues.

At the same time we are focusing on planning the exhibitions and activities of the new museum.

Who is financing the construction and where will the funds come from?

The construction and the running of the museum are financed by the association Föreningen Konstsamfundet. Funding comes from the association’s own operations and from necessary financial arrangements.

Who is responsible for running the museum?

Konstsamfundet carries sole responsibility for the maintenance of the museum and its premises. Konstsamfundet is a Finnish association who is currently responsible for maintaining the present Amos Anderson Art Museum.

When will the museum open?

The museum will open on the 30th of August 2018.

How many visitors is the museum expected draw?

The new location and the new activities will most likely draw new visitors to the museum. We believe that 100 000 visitors per annum can be achieved.