Tapani Raittila

Rome Paris Saimaa

 Söderlångvik Museum presents works by the artist Tapani Raittila (b. 1921) from 1950s to the 2000s.

The exhibition Rome – Paris – Saimaa on view at the Söderlångvik manor house takes visitors to the beloved locations of the artist Tapani Raittila – from the art capitals of Europe to the shores of Saimaa where he spent his summers. Thematically the exhibition focuses on subject matter characteristic to Raittila: portraits, still lifes, everyday interiors, nudes and landscapes. The exhibition includes his early ascetic, modernist portraiture from the 1950s, and his later, lighter work in oil, watercolour and print, as well as his sensitive and elaborate drawings and sketches.

Tapani Raittila is considered one of the leading figures of Finnish Modernism. In 1947 Raittila graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Finland, where he later taught in the 1950s and 1960s. He belonged to a circle of artists that included Helge Dahlman and Tuomas von Boehm. The Pro Finlandia prizewinning Raittila has held numerous group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. He has also played an active role in the art world as a board member of several associations and foundations such as the Juho and Maria Lallukka Artists’ Home Foundation and the Finnish Painters’ Union.

The exhibited works are loans from private homes.

Kati Immonen


Kati Immonen’s fascinating watercolours at Café Vivan at Söderlångvik

In her exhibition Flora, the artist Kati Immonen merges the Finnish forest with small floral baskets. In her work, elements of the woods, such as lichen and wilted plants are tamed into soothing miniature worlds, into nature experiences to be carefully observed while sheltered from the cruel forces of nature.

     Kati Immonen (b.1971) lives and works in Turku and is an accomplished watercolourist that masterfully combines layers of colour with a sense of playfulness. She graduated from the Turku School of Drawing in 1997 and has since held numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.