Intended for artists aged 15-23, Generation 2017 will be Amos Anderson Art Museum’s main exhibition in spring 2017 and the museum’s last show on Yrjönkatu before the new Amos Rex venue opens in Helsinki’s Lasipalatsi. The ambitious aim of the exhibition is to present the nascent art of young artists. The call for artworks for this exhibition, which in the future will be held every three years, runs from August 15 to November 15, 2016.

The call is open for paintings, installations, computer programs, performances, or anything made with passion. We hope you will spread the word to those who might be interested in this exhibition.



Generation 2017, an exhibition showcasing young artists


Any artist aged 15-23 can apply to join the exhibition, as an individual or as part of a group.

Where & when?

Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki + online. The exhibition will open in spring 2017. A nationwide call for art is NOW under way, and continues until November 15, 2016.

What kind of art?

The form and content of the artworks is entirely up to you. An entry can be, for instance, a video, an audio work, a website, a happening, a photograph, a performance, a game, a drawing, an installation, a painting, handicrafts or graffiti. Whether you have used a pencil, camera, computer or a wrench to make it, we are interested! Your entry does not need to be entirely completed — once we’re interested, we’ll ask you to tell us more. If needed, the museum can help you carry out your ideas and assist with the cost of materials.

Why apply?

This exhibition will be an opportunity for young artists to display their work in a new environment, to reach a broad public and get a foothold on the art scene. The more adventurous and wide-ranging these new artists are at presenting their talent, the more likely members of the public will be captivated and discover that something like this, too, can be produced and exhibited. We want to see and experience something new, and we are certain we are not alone!

What else?

GRANDE FINALE! Amos Anderson Art Museum is building a new museum, Amos Rex, beneath the Lasipalatsi in central Helsinki. Generation 2017 will be the main exhibition of the year and, at the same time, the last show on Yrjönkatu. Artworks for the exhibition will be selected by curator Laura Köönikkä.

How to make a proposal?

Upload your entry by November 15, 2016, to this platform:

Your entry does not need to be entirely completed, a description of your idea will suffice. Proposals will be kept confidential, only accessible to the exhibition committee.

Encourage others!

Nab your friends, and encourage them to apply too!


More information?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Päivi Venäläinen,, 050 3083625


The future

The exhibiting of works by young artists won’t end with this show: Generation exhibitions will be held every three years to display new works. Generation 2020 will be held in the new AMOS REX, beneath the Lasipalatsi Square.


Amos Anderson Art Museum, the City of Helsinki and the Art Centre for Children and Young People Foundation are jointly seeking fascinating young artists of the future from across Finland.


In addition to the exhibition itself, an abundant programme and slate of events will be staged around the Generation 2017 theme, at the museum, online and elsewhere in the city.