Generation 2017 showcases art by promising talents aged 15-23. The exhibition features works by 42 bold artists selected through an open call that generated over 1000 proposals. Spanning across range of art forms, Generation 2017 introduces diverse works that support and comment each other. The artists featured offer a fresh take on their own surroundings and social phenomena, on issues and attitudes close to their hearts.

The works ooze confidence and boldness. Adolescence like adulthood is rarely a clear-cut or analogical affair; topics range from everyday observations to thoughts on social injustices to aesthetic portraits of friends. The works also possess a certain sensitivity and authenticity: revealing the entire gamut of tracing one’s own life through movement, brushwork, video, textile, camera, pen and digital drawing.

For many of the artists featured in the exhibition, Generation 2017 is a first encounter with the art world, for others further along the artistic path it has helped sharpen their thinking. To lay yourself and your work bare to an audience and to experts, is a daring move, and hopefully this show of courage inspires hesitant artists and viewers to follow suit and openly engage with art. While art holds endless opportunities, artists are constantly forced to make choices pertaining to media or theme. The Generation 2017 artists have determined their own boundaries as well as those of their works, while we as viewers have the opportunity to explore how art with its manifold forms and subjects remains unaffected yet completely transformed.

Some of the works are located off-site, either online or around town: Lumi Tuomi’s video installation Identity (2016) will be showing at Forum Platform, on the top floor of the Forum shopping centre. During summer weekdays visitors can discuss works in the exhibition with trained conversation guides. The museum will also host a series of performances on Helsinki Day 11-12 June and on the Night of the Arts, full details available on the museum website. Each featured artist is presented on Instagram @generation2017exhibition.

The exhibition has been curated by Laura Köönikkä and is a collaboration between Amos Anderson Art Museum, the City of Helsinki and the Art Centre for Children and Young People. The exhibition is part of the official centenary celebrations of Finnish independence.

The Artists of the Exhibition:

Oona Autio
Felix Bade
Felix Bardy
Ella Eskola
Charlotte Forsgård
Annina Fremgen
Alexander Ginlund
Svante Gullichsen
Henriikka Harinen
Anastasia Hartikainen
Heikki Heinonen
Tuisku Hiltunen
Sonja Hyytiäinen
Anthoni Hætta
Matida Jammeh
Inka Jerkku
Emmi Kataja
Veera Krouglov
Jassir Kuronen
Alina Lampinen
Pihla Lappalainen
Pauliina Latva
Liisa Lehtimäki
Emilia Linnavuori
Niko Moisas
Emilio Mäkipää
Anastasia Dea Maria Poljatschenko
Minna Pyykkönen
Hertta Ratilainen
Säde Rinne
Nita Saastamoinen
Emma Sarpaniemi
Hermann Sebastian Schultz
Eliel Tammiharju/ taiteilijanimi: KEliel
Ananya Tanttu
Tarina Tommiska
Lumi Tuomi
Niko Vastamäki
Léda Vesmanen
Jade Vesto
Mikaela Välipakka
Sanni Weckman